by elena zuban.
Elena Zuban is the creator of Freedom Blueprints.
A business growth plan that shaves years off your entrepreneurial journey by providing easy to follow blueprints for taking your business from zero to 6 figures and beyond.

She helps people, makes money and does not take life too seriously.
A letter to my friend. 💚

There is so much noise out there: conflicting advice, software, landing pages, email sequences, automation... Then there is a barrage of abbreviations: CRO, PPC, CPL, LTV, ROAS.

Yes, I'm a marketer with years of experience, running campaigns with $400,000/mo budgets. 

But above all that, I'm a fellow business owner. I know what it is like starting from nothing, being confused and scared. I know how it feels to undercharge, work long hours, constantly defend your business to the world... only to be a slave in your business.

I thought I can figure it out all on my own, that no-one understands or can help me. And figure it out I did - 5 years later and with $250,000+ in lost revenue due to bad business deals. It hurts me to write it down.

My best business decision ever was to partner up with my husband. Within our first year of working together, we quadrupled the business. We now have an amazing team in place, money is not an issue. I still work hard and problem-solve daily, but work is fun and life is good.

That's what most business owners need, a partner in crime. A person who knows what you are facing, and how to overcome it faster, cheaper and easier. Don't be like me, don't waste 5 years of your life trying to figure it out.

Leverage my experience, I can show you how to navigate the murky waters of online advertising and build rock-solid funnels. You don't have to be a marketing genius or tech nerd. If you have never run an ad before or are afraid of online marketing I can help you with that. It may sound daunting, but that's the easy part.

 The hard part is getting money in your bank account. I can show you how to do this within weeks and leverage your success within the first few months. Together, we can draw up a 1-year plan and execute it with vengeance, that's where the real value lies. 

I've worked with heaps of businesses from tech startups to multi-national corporations and local dentists. For my clients, I take care of the entire sales funnel - from ads and offers to landing pages, email sequences & automations. But all of that work is a direct result of us mapping a practical marketing plan that will complement your business plan.

If you are ready to do work together and celebrate our victories, let's chat.
  •  Done for you.  We come up with a plan. I take care of the rest. Then we use our weekly catch up to improve and scale your business together.
  • ​ Done with you. ​ I share my entire blueprint and all my secrets with you. Then I help you execute with continued guidance and support.
  •  ​I help you get unstuck.  I dive into your business for a couple of months and help you solve your problems and get back on track.
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