by elena zuban


by elena zuban
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Proven Facebook and Instagram ads, funnels and AI driven automations that will help your business grow.
Generate a consistent flow of new bookings, get more patients, and transform your local community.
Let's face it, being an amazing healthcare professional does not guarantee that you will build a wildly successful practice. With increasing competition and changes in the economy, it is now critical to ensure your business has a reliable source of new customers.

This brings us to the key question: as a passionate healthcare professional, how do you secure a reliable source of new customers?

No longer do you have to invest time, money, and effort into learning the latest tricks, hacks, and strategies that get clients into your practice. Nor, do you need to pay someone thousands of dollars to send you "some leads" with a mixed degree of success. There is an alternative.

Over the last decade, we have spent millions of dollars in testing, and proving our marketing systems, so you don't have to. This system worked for brands and personalities such as Dr. Josh Axe, Dr. Isaac Jones (Health Experts Alliance), Dr. David Touhill, Dr. Mark Stengler (Doctor of the Decade by the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians), Softwave TRT, and health care professionals all across America.

You can have access to everything we learned about social media marketing for health practices. You can leverage all our best-performing ads, pages, follow-up campaigns & AI systems. Even better, once we set up our funnels for your practice you can start seeing the results in the next 24 hours.
 Our service includes EVERYTHING you need. 

 We will set up a fully functional marketing funnel in easy-to-use powerful lead management software. 
 We can even call all the leads and confirm appointments on your behalf, so you can focus on what you do best, taking care of your patients. 
 This includes: 
  • Ads: stand out from your competitors, and avoid the dreaded Facebook restrictions and bans due to non-compliant ads.
  • ​Landing pages: save thousands with elegant and high-converting funnel templates, complete with review and booking widgets.
  • ​​Email and SMS drip campaigns: carefully crafted emails and SMS sequences that ensure leads show up excited to work with you.
  • AI automations: free up your team's time with marketing automations, so they can focus on serving your patients.
  • Sales pipeline: ​turn your leads into customers, and NEVER miss an opportunity again.
  • Support: get unlimited Zoom and email support
  • Appointment setting: improve your show rates and maximize your conversions with our concierge call service
  • ​​Multiple offers and funnels: why lock yourself in with only marketing neuropathy or weight loss, when you can promote multiple service offerings to your community?
What's even more important, having an active online presence helps you become a go-to person in the local market and makes you the obvious choice when patients and their loved ones need help. This is how you build a wildly successful practice that greatly impacts your community and helps more patients heal.
Generate more leads
Qualify and educate
Systems and processes
Multiple offers (????)
Highly customized funnels that suit YOUR clinic.
 Get a unique funnel for every health condition. This means that your marketing is targeted and precise and generates highly qualified prospects and high-value patients. 
  • ​Weight loss (inc Semaglutide & Tirzepatide)
  • ​Food sensitivity & chronic fatigue
  • ​Allergy
  • Hormone therapy (inc erectile dysfunction)
  • ​Red light therapy (inc Ultraslim and Dahlia)
  • ​Hair loss
  • Neuropathy (inc nerve damage)
  • ​Back pain (inc decompression and sciatica)
  • Joint pain (inc knee pain and stem cell therapy)
  • Arthritis 
  • Personal & accident Injury
  • ​Shockwave therapy (inc Softwave)
High-ticket sales blueprint
Brick and mortar blueprint
By the end of the challenge, you will have a complete lead generation platform that is designed to land you high-ticket clients. 

Perfect for anyone running retreats, events, consulting or any high-value product or service.
Digital product blueprint
By the end of the challenge, you will have a complete lead generation platform that is designed to land you high-ticket clients. 

Perfect for anyone running retreats, events, consulting or any high-value product or service.
You are good.
You are the master your craft. You approach your life and business with passion and care. You have an outstanding product or service.

Now, let's sell it online.

It sounds very simple. But it's very rarely easy.
We make it easy for you.
Simple. Follow your weekly video tasks to success. If you get off track, we'll help.

Quick. Get templates, swipe files and practical examples.

Other people's money. We spend $400,000+/mo testing funnels and ads, so you don't have to.

Partner in crime. We are always by your side. Email us and you will get a reply with personalized feedback and help. We do live weekly calls too.
Start getting results like these.
Elena has such deep experience when it comes to online strategy and how you can turn your idea into a profitable business. She has helped us  create a 6-figure launch and a 6-figure course  and I couldn't recommend her enough.
Andrew East
NFL Athlete & Side Hustle Social
She was actually  doubling our bottom line, almost within three weeks  and so over the course of six weeks, she was able to double ad spend and double net profitability and really exceed our expectations for all of our projections.
Josh Durham
Weighting Comforts
Elena is one of the best Facebook experts that I have ever seen work on any campaigns. We are getting  4-6X ROI on an event, which is insane! 
Dr. Isaac Jones
Elevays & Health Experts Alliance
The strategies that she deployed during our partnership helped BigCommerce scale ad spend and  exceed monthly business goals for 5 months  in a row.
Anastasia Kornikova
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