by elena zuban


by elena zuban
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Health experts alliance
Dr. Jones has always been successful running events, but since we partnered the numbers have begun to soar. Whilst working together he has  220% more event registrations  and  5X ROAS  from pre-event sales.

This level of performance was achieved by building and nurturing Dr. Jones’ email list, through creating new funnels and dialing in on the perfect marketing audiences.

In the last quarter alone I was able to generate  2,745 new leads. 
Smiles of Melbourne
A mutual friend referred me to Ramy 4 years ago, when Smiles of Melbourne was just an idea in his mind.

After running test mock ads, the first clinic was opened, which has now  surged from 0 to 6 clinics  in the super competitive dental industry.

In 2018 Smiles of Melbourne had a  cost per booking of $29, clinics were fully booked and the  average booking value was $312 . This growth and performance was driven by working on the perfect offer and streamlining the booking process.
Your photography mentor
David and his team were looking to scale their virtual business.

At the time of taking over the account they were spending 5-figures a month on ads. In the first 3 months I more than  doubled the ad spend to 6-figures a month,  without seeing a drop off in ROAS.

At the same time as doubling the core photography training business, I grew their monthly membership product to  mid 6-figures in recurring residual income in 4 months. 
Weighting comforts
Having just fired their previous agency, Weighting Comforts were in need of someone that could take over their account on short notice and bring them profitable growth

In the first 3 weeks I was able to  2X revenue and in 6 weeks increase profitability 2X. 

With a 5.2X ROAS, Weighting Comforts generated  over $10 million in sales on the way to 300% growth in just 1 year. 
Side Hustle Social
Andrew East created Side Hustle Social to share his passion for social media and launched the program with a summit of 20 of the worlds leading influencers. Since working together we have  scaled monthly revenue to more than the entire product launch. 

Side Hustle Social now generates  6-figures of residual income  and continues to snowball as students bring more people onboard. 

In less than 6 months we were able to grow our list by  62,844 new contacts. 
If you want to get a taste for how we do things here, click the button below for my FB booster pack (it's a whooping $9). I value your and my time, take it seriously, do it and get results.
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You are good.
You are the master your craft. You approach your life and business with passion and care. You have an outstanding product or service.

Now, let's sell it online.

It sounds very simple. But it's very rarely easy.
We make it easy for you.
Simple. Follow your weekly video tasks to success. If you get off track, we'll help.

Quick. Get templates, swipe files and practical examples.

Other people's money. We spend $400,000+/mo testing funnels and ads, so you don't have to.

Partner in crime. We are always by your side. Email us and you will get a reply with personalized feedback and help. We do live weekly calls too.
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